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What to do after date with the girl? 6 Tips to put it into practice

We all idealize the first kiss with that someone we care about, but after the kiss happens, what’s the next step?

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The second step in any relationship is one of the scariest because there is the possibility of screwing up all the way through. Getting so close to dyingon the beach is even more frustrating than even seeing the mound of sand in the distance, isn’t it?

But how not to spoil the possibility of creating a greater bond and entering into a relationship with the girl you’ve already kissed?

We’ve put together some fundamental tips for a near-perfect second step, but if you’re not confident in yourself, all of our suggestions might be useless to do after you’ve date up with the girl. So, check out our article on how to be more confident and then follow the next steps:
Send a WhatsApp
What to do after dating the girl

In case you didn’t get the girl’s contact, we’ve already given tips on how to find her even without even remembering her name the next day.

But if you did everything right and saved not only her name but also her phone number, don’t be afraid to send a WhatsApp. A good morning text the next day is a great idea, asking if she got home all right, too.

But don’t cover the girl if she takes too long to respond, right? Send a message and be patient.

Show interest, but don’t stand back
What to do after dating the girl

After a few days of talking, ask her out again. Maybe you can go to the same club or bar where you met or you can invite her to another party, if you feel the mood matches, you can invite her to dinner or go to the movies, but don’t trade your feet and look desperate.

If she can’t go out with you this weekend, she’s fine! Keep talking to her for the next few days and, in a light and relaxed way, ask her out another day.

We’ve already given tips on how to know if the girl is really not interested, if you feel the signs, jump out. But if she gives freedom, continue.

At this point in the championship, you must also have her Facebook or some other social network. Comment on a movie she’s watched recently or share a similar taste. For example, did you see that she likes a series because of something you saw her share on Facebook? So, talk to her about it!

Try to remember the topics discussed when you were together: does she take any courses? Is she already graduated? What work? Show interest in it but have limits, don’t seem invasive, right? If you notice that she was a little afraid to comment too much about her life, stop insisting.

ask open questions

For example:

Don’t ask her if she does things like, “Do you like movies?”. The answer, in this case, will always be yes or no. So, give her space to answer and you can find out more about her in the question itself. Try approaching it like this: “what kind of movies do you like?”.

Many men get aggressivewhen the girl, despite showing interest in messages, takes time to accept an invitation or go out again. Be patient: just because she kissed you doesn’t mean she has to go out with you as soon as possible.

After these steps, you will probably have created a certain intimacy with the girl and understand, at least a little, what she likes. The rest is natural!

How to make a woman happy – 15 foolproof tips
If you want to know how to make a woman happy, know that you don’t have much room for error. Although women are different from each other, some simple attitudes please everyone and are right.

No relationship comes with a manual or recipe. So relax! If you’ve made it this far, you’re already doing a lot more than many out there.

See the 15 simple tips on how to make a woman happy and try them daily. You’ll notice the satisfaction creeping into her expression, believe me!

How to make a woman happy daily
In fact, it may seem like it’s a lot or that we wish you were perfect. However, you will notice that they are small changes in habit or paying more attention to everyday life.

These tips on how to make a woman happy will not only make her happy, but it will also improve your relationship and most importantly, make YOU a better person. View this as a personal investment and strive to get things done.

1. Have respect as a base
Primordial in any relationship, respect here speaks a little louder. Unfortunately, we still live in a society that reproaches and humiliates women on a daily basis, putting them down.

Therefore, avoid comments that reduce the woman to a simple piece of meat, that reduce or hurt her. Some common examples, which should never be uttered, even more publicly:

“You don’t do anything right”;
“You’re too old for this”;
“Then you don’t know why you get fat”;
“This way I will exchange you for another one”
“She is mad”;
Anyway, there are several examples that we see out there. It may seem like a simple joke, but every time you belittle or take credit for your partner, you hurt or demotivate her. And these little blunders make her move away little by little.

girl closes window to avoid contact

Likewise, liking millions of pages of semi-naked women or making small talk with girls out there is also disrespectful.

Of course, everyone can (and should) have their individuality, but within the limits of common sense.

2. Make cuddles
Women tend to like (a lot) affection. Obviously, you have to understand what kind of affection she enjoys, because women don’t always like constant physical contact. Complicated? Not so much! Below are some examples of affection:

Tuck her hair behind her ear as they talk and you pay attention to her intently;
Kisses, and not only the ardent ones, but also the delicate ones and in different places of the body (shoulders, hands, side of the mouth);
Long and tight hugs (especially unexpected ones);
Affection on the back of the neck;
Massages (hand, feet or shoulders);
Understand that women are a little more demanding than men, for example, so try to diversify and again, observe her reactions. If not, ask directly if she likes this or that kind of affection.

Also, especially men, tend to think that affection is just about sex. Then a kiss soon turns into something more, which is usually great, of course! However, take the time to cuddle “without commitment”, showing that you also care about the more romantic aspect of the relationship.

3. Seek help
Complaint number one for most women (especially married women) is that they don’t get help from their partners.

Although this has been common for many years or has fallen into conformism, know that times are different and that the tendency is for tolerance to become gradually less with this attitude.

You are a duo, so why not help? If you like sports, it is obvious that you understand the concept of collectivity and that it is much more difficult to “play alone”, right?

man sweeps the floor

So let’s get to work: help with small household tasks, with any external tasks that she has, with proactivity, in short…stimulate perception and offer companionship.

4. Take an interest in what she does or says
Then another conflicting aspect. Everyone likes attention and demonstrations that the other is willing to be on our side.

So, pay attention to what she says (without using your cell phone), seek to dialogue and give your opinion on conflicting issues. Exchange is essential for a relationship and that makes ALL the difference.

5. Be kind
Kindness never hurts! Above all, be patient with the way or moment of the person you love, understanding their ups and downs and responding with civility to possible outbreaks. LOL


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