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Basic manual on how to talk to her on WhatsApp

Each generation has its tool for conquest.Your grandfather and grandmother probably exchanged letters before they got married.His father and mother spent hours on end talking on the phone or on MSN.Today, we here in Brazil have WhatsApp.

The smartphone application gives you the power to chat with whoever you want, at any time and from anywhere where you have Wi-FI or cell phone signal – if you have TIM, you know that there aren’t many places like that.
But, with all great power, comes a great responsibility: that of not doing shit and ruining everything with the little thing.You have to know how to use the tool to your advantage.

With that in mind, we have prepared a Basic Manual onHow to Talk to a Mine on Whats.Connect:

Use your best English

Before getting into WHAT you should or shouldn’t tell her on Whats, let’s talk about HOW you should talk to her: right.Think that the way you write is your personal marketing and says a lot about the kind of person you are.

Leave the miguxism, abbreviations and functional illiteracy aside.They belong on Facebook or a funk lyric, not a grown-up conversation.

But no need to exaggerate.It doesn’t have to be too formal and use a “you” out of nowhere.Just write everything right, using the plurals and verb tenses correctly.

It will make a good impression.Believe.

Escape from lack of subject

I’ll give you a simple example of what a non-conversation is:

– Hi.
– Hi.
– How are you?
– Everything and you?
– Too.
– News?
– No, and you?
– Neither.

Do you know what that added to your life and her life?Nothing.

If you’re going to start a conversation on WhatsApp, for God’s sake, have something to talk about.Saying hi just for the sake of saying hello and to get attention is not going to add anything to your relationship and over time she tends to ignore it.That’s why…

Your WhatsApp conversation should reflect your real-life personality.Try to show that you’re a nice guy and that you have some content to exchange with her.It’s very important that you have something in common to help break the ice.

If you can’t think of anything to bring up on WhatsApp that brings you together, go to her Instagram or Facebook profile and dig through the things he likes and shares until you find something you can talk about.

Think that the conversation should show that you can be an interesting person for her.So, try to keep your spirits up and in a good mood.

No more complaining all the time about life, about traffic, about the person canceled for the day… It will seem that you are a down person and boring to live with.

But don’t avoid talking about more serious matters either.Try alternating between more heady conversations, such as life projects and plans, with a light and relaxed xaveco.

A good idea is to avoid burning through your entire arsenal of subjects at once.In the urge to please you will want to dump a lot of stuff, but the two of you will end up not talking about anything.Know how to keep the dialogue alive.Speaking of which…

Listen (or read) what she has to say

Listen (or read) what she has to say

Hey, a conversation needs two people to exist.Pay attention to what she is telling you.Try not to monopolize the conversation and keep texting one after another.

If you notice that she just doesn’t answer you, it’s because she’s either busy or not interested in the subject.Try changing the topic or asking her how she feels about things.

Think that at the same time she is on WhatsApp, she is also on the street, at work or at home watching TV.So if her talk is boring, she’ll live life and let you go.Bring her into the conversation with you.

Use but don’t abuse emojis and memes

You don’t have to act like a circus clown or a 5 year old just because you’re in the online world.

Avoid filling your conversation with memes, montages and emojis.You can use it now and then, but everything in excess is a bag.

This kind of behavior shows that you don’t have any content and you need to be resorting to internet bullshit to talk to someone.

Treat the girl with respect and intelligence, Don’t act the way you do in your friends’ WhatsApp groups by sending bullshit pictures or asshole videos.

Analyze if there is reciprocity in the chat

Does she enjoy talking to you as much as you enjoy talking to her?Does she come to ask questions or does the initiative always come from you?Do you write several texts and she responds in a monosyllabic way?

Be careful not to create too many expectations without being met.If you fit the questions above, review the way you talk to the girl or let go and move on.

Don’t put the girl at the altar

There is nothing more annoying than when someone is on your toes or begging for your attention.So don’t be an asshole.As hot as the girl is, act natural and don’t try to chat with her every day on WhatsApp!

Avoid drooling too much or being desperate to answer her.Don’t be all the time praising: “Wow, you’re beautiful”, “I’ll pay you a dick” and stuff like that.This sucks and shows you have no content.

Take your time and let things take their natural course.Try to talk about everyday things and show that you are a person like her.Neither better nor worse.

don’t be flustered

Everything has its time.It’s no use wanting to book a motel or asking for nudes from a girl you’ve just met.Take it easy, old man.

Try not to spend all day texting.It will show that you have nothing else to do with your life.

Create a relationship of trust, respect and – why not – affection.It will make it a lot easier for you when calling the cat out or asking for that inspiring direct at bedtime.


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