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The Girls of Need For Speed

I’m a badger who enjoys video games, but even so, it’s been a while since I posted on the subject. The curious thing is that this particular text was here for a long time, practically only the photos were missing, and I decided to rescue it to bring the subject of games in the most striking way possible.

Among the styles I like the most are racing games, and a series of games in this category that I’ve always liked are the Need for Speed ​​games. I’ve always enjoyed these games a lot, since the first one, still with its pixelated graphics, one of the few where you could race a Ferrari. They were always very cool games, despite following a premise that was already well-known: putting sports cars running on a circuit or on a start and end track, sometimes putting the police in pursuit, as the mega classic Road Rash did. That is, nothing very special…

But the series would come to give a new gas going in the momentum of the Fast and Furious, starting with Need for Speed ​​Underground. Despite keeping a good part of the conventional game, with circuits and sprints, would bring new sensational elements, such as split races, drift competitions , and especially the great novelty of allowing car customization. For those who were used to only being able to change the color of the vehicle, having the ability to choose bumpers, spoilers, wheels, neons and vinyls was gratifying… A possibility to leave the car the way you wanted.

It turns out that anyone who has seen the Fast and the Furious movies knows very well that something else is necessarily part of this universe of illegal street races: women! Yes, combining two things that boys like, cars and women, there would be no doubt that Need for Speed ​​games would please players a lot. And I would even say that the game’s producers weren’t as appealing as might be expected. I mean, no skimpy, exaggerated attire, something relatively reasonable. Even in some games in the series, women would come to play an important role in the story, and not just as a bunch of girls jumping across the finish line.

And the most interesting thing is that in the games they chose to use real actresses and models as the basis for the characters. For example, from Most Wanted there were already videos, so there was an actress there acting in the role. Enough to leave the marmanjada drooling even more. And as it was the time of the advance of the internet, it allowed even those interested to carry out a more in-depth “bibliographic research” about the beauties.

With that, I decided to make here another one of those list posts, now about the girls who share the attention with the tuned cars in the Need for Speed ​​series games. Let’s go in chronological order, to make my life easier.

Samantha (Cindy Johnson) e Melissa (Amy Walz)
NFS Underground

They were the two female characters from the first game that incorporated illegal racing, Samantha being the short dark haired friend of the player and the blonde Melissa being the girlfriend of the player’s rival.

I confess that I only put them more to “compose the list”, because in terms of beauty and participation in the game they are very discreet. There were times when the game still didn’t have very far-fetched stories, and so they didn’t show up as much. In addition, they were represented by virtual models, created in their likeness, of course, but still looking somewhat artificial…

Rachel Teller (Brooke Burke)
NFS Underground 2

Well, now we’re talking… Rachel was Samantha’s friend from the previous game, lives in the city (fictional, as in practically all games in the series) of Bayview, being responsible for arranging a series of races for the player, in addition to giving a series of tips about racing. It already brings a more collaborative participation, although still only in still images and retouched as if it were a drawing.

In terms of visuals, we can say that the creators of the game got it right… Brooke Burke is very nice, a breathtaking model!

Nikki Morris (Kelly Brook)
NFS Underground 2

This one appears very little, she is part of the gang of the bandit Caleb, the tattooed bald man who is the player’s rival. As it’s kind of apparent that Rachel above isn’t going to surrender to the player’s charms (especially if at first you took her car for a ride), they had to create a catchable girl… Nikki ends up competing in a race, but then that she loses, ends up joining your team.

Shows how women go after power… It seems she was seeing that Caleb would soon become bad, and she decides to stick with the runner.

Who personifies the character is Kelly Brook, a fantastic, and who has even passed through the pages of Playboy.

Mia Townsend (Josie Maran)
NFS Most Wanted

As we can see, with each game in the series the female characters participate more in the game’s plot, and with Mia it was no different. She flirts with the player right at the beginning, showing that when you have a big car the ladies can’t resist, and soon starts to help you face and beat Razor’s little bitch, who stole your car.

She helps the player on several occasions, until at the end she reveals herself to be an undercover police officer in the gang, with the intention of arresting all the runners. But, in a last gesture of goodwill, she ends up releasing the player, only to be chased by the black policeman.

Josie Maran, the actress who plays Mia, would become one of the first real actresses, although her cinematic contribution is as modest as the importance of Guyana and Suriname to the South American economy. Her best-known role was one of macabre vampires in the movie Van Helsing.

I said, modest cinematographic contribution… But that she is one of the of the series, there is no doubt. It’s even worth a second more interesting photo…

Policial (Simone Bailly)
NFS Most Wanted

I only mentioned her because she is very pretty and attractive, the policewoman who accompanies the black man Cross in the chases. But her participation is negligible, doing nothing useful, other than handcuffing the player at the beginning of the game.

Curious to see how the actress Simone Bailly has much more experience in series (just check it out on IMDb ) but even so she was relegated to a sub-supporting role…

Nikki (Emmanuelle Vaugier)
NFS Carbon

This was in my opinion one of the best games in the series, for bringing a number of nicer aspects, including the possibility of allies during races. Nikki is the girlfriend of Darius, the biggest runner in town, but who was a friend of the player, despite the fact that after a whole plot of misunderstandings, she was kind of pissed off with him. But soon she ends up finding out how rotten Darius is, dropping the guy and joining the player. As if in real life it’s so easy for the bad-boy  to get bad…

Of course, another reason that makes this game one of my favorites is the fact that Emmanulle Vaugier is in my opinion the nicest game that has ever been in all the games in the series! She may be more discreet than many gaming heroines, but she has a breathtaking class.

The Canadian beauty also has a certain fame, having already appeared in series such as CSI NY and Two and a Half Men, where she played a woman who almost married Charlie.

Yumi (Melody Miyuki Ishikawa)

NFS Carbon
It seems that Need for Speed ​​Carbon was the game with the highest concentration of beauties. Yumi was part of the tuned car racers gang, but decides to join the player, helping in the races indicating shortcuts. All cuti-cuti, with her pink hair and sweet way of a Japanese high school girl.

Of course, the actress doesn’t have pink hair, and it’s just one of the typical Hawaiian-born daughters of Japanese immigrants. Melody Miyuki is a singer in the land of the rising sun, very cute as is often seen on Japanese music charts.



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