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50 Simple things you can do to have a healthy and lasting relationship

Check out the small and simple things to enjoy life together for a long time and have a healthy and happy relationship for a long time.

Many single people seek physical well-being, are concerned about learning seduction techniques just to remain active and interesting in the conquest.relationBut, just take on a relationship, they leave all the

Little do they know that the great difficulty is not in going out with someone a lot of times, but in maintaining a relationship with the same person for months, years, with the same commitment from the beginning, without letting the crushing routine and socializing end up pushing them away. the couple to opposite sides.

If you are one of those who are concerned about the healthy future of your life together, or are looking for answers to the reasons why your involvement is feeling bad, I have put together some simple and functional tips to maintain a healthy, happy and lasting relationship.relationCheck out!

50 Simple things you can do to have a healthy and lasting relationship

1. Build your ideal life together


Don’t get attached to ready-made formulas or life experiences of close people.relationYour relationship is not a pre-crafted romantic comedy script, let alone a fairy tale.relationEvery relationship has a path and a formula.relationSo don’t fit into patterns, build your own.

2. Learn to Forgive

A happy relationship is based on two big things, the first is forgiving.relationBut, it’s not forgiving once, twice or three times.relationIt is being willing to practice forgiveness as many times as necessary.relationIf the person you chose to be by your side is worth it, you will realize that this is not even such a difficult burden to bear.

3. Learn to forget

The second big thing is forgetting.relationWhat’s the point of saying you’ll forgive, but not forgetting what happened?relationI know many people who claim out of the blue that they have forgiven their partner, but take every available opportunity to bring the other’s blunder to the surface.relationIf you’re not willing to forget, it’s because you haven’t really forgiven.

4. Be a true companion

No one will hit harder than life.relationBut, one of the comforting things about relationships is that they are able to gift you with someone by your side to help you get up in every fall you take.

5. Grow – how to have a healthy relationship

If you still have the same desires, opinions and beliefs in your 40s as you did in your 20s, it’s a clear sign that your life is stagnant.relationYou cannot, and should not, be the same person you were at the beginning of the relationship.relationGrow and keep access to the inspiration that the other person sees in you.

6. And adapt

Even if, for a long time, you stagnate, and the person next to you has a very significant growth or change, don’t fight it.relationSupport, encourage, learn from her, be grateful for it.

7. Offer solutions, not criticisms

Any idiot is capable of criticizing.relationA good companion (see item 4) will offer a way out of the shit.

8. To stay together, you have to give in

If you want someone to do your wants and desires, don’t relate.relationStaying together is sharing, living together and, above all, giving in.

9. Respect spaces

You weren’t born together and you probably won’t die together.relationRespecting space conserves and rekindles the relationship.relationIn addition to being a necessary breath.

10. Cultivate your own circle of friends

One of the greatest joys in life is meeting new people, having and keeping your friends.relationThey will give you the support you need to break the routine of life together and can even add to the walks with your partner.

11. Give daily compliments


Find an affectionate nickname to call her.relationTell her you love her often.relationSay an adjective that draws you to her whenever you can.relationIt’s these little treats that strengthen the feeling.

12. Practice self-awareness – how to have a healthy relationship

Take time to reflect in front of the mirror about who you are and the contributions you are making to your relationship.relationAre you very critical of her?relationToo much censorship?relationNot mate?relationAre you responsible for an abusive relationship?

13. Admit you’re wrong (even sometimes when you’re not)

This is one of the easiest and hardest things to do on this list at the same time.relationIt may seem little, but this simple gesture will pay immeasurable dividends in life together.relationIn addition, he will help to grow together with his partner.relationIn many fights, it’s just the right thing to do.

14. Celebrate big and small accomplishments

Whether it’s a promotion at work or a 9-month anniversary, find every possible occasion to celebrate together with her.

15. Surprise each other

Follow along in that romantic comedy she likes so much (and you can’t stand it).relationBreak the routine by calling her out for lunch during the middle of the week.relationBuy chocolates and small gifts outside of holidays.relationBe unpredictable (in a good way, of course).

16. Show attention to the little things


Hold the door as she passes;relationlook at the clothes she wears and give her a compliment after a special production to go out with you;relationstop everything you’re doing and give her your attention in a late-night conversation.relationThe payoff for these little things is often much greater than you think.

17. Avoid between the lines – how to have a healthy relationship

This is a cowardly way of communicating.relationIf you have something to say, say it.relationDon’t expect the person to guess what you’re thinking or what you really mean.

18. Cultivate your best qualities

Do relationships have the best opportunities to cultivate the qualities that make you a better person?relationThe best part is that you can practice almost daily.relationQualities like patience, loyalty, compassion, trust are more than welcome.

19. Maintain certain intimate habits

Having someone to share the same roof with is pretty cool, but you need to preserve some private habits.relationUsing the bathroom while the other person brushes their teeth should be avoided, for example.

20. Talk about relation

relation is a very important part of any relationship.relationBut out of prejudice, shame or jealousy, many couples don’t want to discuss it.relationDon’t make relation a taboo subject, the pleasure of both of you is the most harmed by it.

21. Encourage the other to overcome fear


We all have insecurities and fears.relationYour relationship should be a place where you need to be completely free to reveal what your weaknesses are and your spouse should help you overcome them.

22. Keep secrets – how to have a healthy relationship

You don’t need to know how many people your partner has slept with, nor does she need to know everything that goes on in your head at all times.relationKeep some secrets in the relationship.

23. Stop being nostalgic about past relationships

You weren’t that nice in the relationship you went through;relationand if your ex was as badass as you think now, they wouldn’t be over.

25. Don’t let small problems turn into monsters

Most couples separate not for big things, but for small things that accumulate along the way.relationDon’t ignore small problems and fights, solve them.

26. You are the same (and in the same boat)


It doesn’t matter which one of you makes more money.relationIt doesn’t matter which one of you has more friends.relationIt doesn’t matter which of you is more accomplished professionally.relationIf you are in a relationship, you need to share the burden and the bonus.relationThink that if both are in the same boat, if one sinks, the other goes with it.

27. Greet each other

Sincerely, often and affectionately.relationIt’s a great way to demonstrate that the feeling exists, practicing with homeopathic doses.

28. Respect each other’s friends

Just like space, friends and groups of people close to each other need to be respected.relationCriticizing, barring dates, and socializing are simpler ways to try to undermine your partner’s social circle.

29. Respect both sides of the coin

It is very easy to have the least judgment about yourself and adopt alarming critical levels when the situation is with the other.relationWant to see a practical example?relationWhen I want to spend our money on a European club shirt game, it’s a good investment.relationWhen my partner wants to spend money on shoes or dresses, she doesn’t recognize the value of money.relationGive the same treatment to both people.

30. Care about your appearance

Your marriage doesn’t give you a free pass to always wear shorts and a football shirt.relationWorry about getting ready for your partner, just as she does for you.

31. Ask before throwing away (or switching places)


You are living together, so the space is shared.relationNo throwing her stuff away, or rearranging the space your way without letting her know.

32. Invite your family to special gatherings

At least sometimes.relationThis may be all you need to increase the bond between the couple, showing the importance and relevance that the other person’s family has in your life.

33. Be self-sufficient – ​​how to have a healthy relationship

Learn to do your own laundry.relationKnow how to prepare a meal;relationhow to shop at the supermarket;relationHow to buy online;relationhow to change a light bulb;relationhow to unclog a toilet.relationIt’s not because you got married that you need to leave everything on the other’s back.

34. Have a good mood for everything that happens to you

That should be at the heart of everything you two do.relationI haven’t found a single thing that I’ve been unable to possibly laugh at (or smile at what happened right after, no matter how shitty the situation is).relationIf you put that in mind from the start, it makes things much more fun and enjoyable to live with.

35. Have good manners

Do not scream.relationOpen the door.relationHelp load the purchases.relationProtect your sneeze with your hand.relationManner on the smelly gases in front of her.

36. Be responsible with money and finances

Personal archive

Nobody lives in love.relationBoth you and she need money.relationIn this way, the happiness of many happy relationships lies in keeping finances in order.relationBelieve it.

37. Keep up a physical activity

You owe it to yourself to be in the best possible physical health.relationThe mental side effects that physical activity provides will be beneficial not only for you, but also for your life together.

38. Remember to say thank you and please

Even and especially when things don’t feel like they need to be acknowledged or asked for.relationShe is there by choice, not obligation.relationSo be kind and polite.

39. Watch your words – how to have a healthy relationship

In moments of arguments, some harsh words hit the partner like arrows, hurting deeply.relationSo, control as much as you can what comes out of your mouth, avoid serious offenses and, if you can’t, leave at the moment of discussion, breathe and then come back to resume the conversation.

40. Develop your own interests

It seems like a contradictory point, but your relationship tends to improve when you create and pursue your separate interests.

41. relation Isn’t Everything, Not Even for Men


Most men may have more desire to have relation than women, but relation will not hold a relationship.

42. Don’t act on impulse

There will be moments of crisis or fights when what you want most is to drop everything and return to single life.relationDon’t act on impulse, don’t throw everything away, and don’t take action based on the emotions of the moment.relationWait for tempers to cool before having a definitive conversation about the argument.relationOr it will be too late to remedy when you realize it.

43. Don’t look for perfection

Note there: perfect people don’t exist.relationInstead of looking for the ideal, utopian woman, look for someone you can live with and accept her mistakes as she accepts hers.

44. Disconnect from work

It’s hard (I still haven’t learned it well), but the secret to having happy moments and being able to return to work with renewed breath is to turn off or leave professional problems out the door.

45. There’s always time to start over

So if you really like the other person, if it’s worth staying together, you can go back, be a better guy, and start over from scratch.

46. ​​There is no winner in a couple’s fight


As I said earlier, being in a relationship is like being in a canoe, if one wins the argument and the other loses, the canoe loses its balance and sinks.relationNeither of them can save themselves.

47. Travel together – how to have a healthy relationship

Whether for a simple weekend or a 30-day vacation tour, couples’ trips tend to strengthen relationships and take life as a couple out of the doldrums.relationAs a bonus, the tour will broaden your view of the world and the way you value your relationship.

48. Travel separately

Scheduling a trip with friends, solitary itineraries also contribute to a life together.relationIt can be the necessary breath for the relationship, a way to fulfill private goals and dreams or even to realize how important the other is and how much is needed in your life.relationEnjoy the time apart, if you really like the person next to you, you will come back with much more nostalgia.

49. Have self love

It’s not always worth insisting.relationThat way, when things go really bad, you need to know when to hang up, take a step back and recognize that the relationship is hopeless.

50. Giving up is the last option

In fact, in life as a whole, giving up is the most cowardly and easiest act to do.relationInstead of going for this option, try, try and try again.


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