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6 drinking games you didn’t know about

You’ve played Sueca and Never Have I ever played, but you probably haven’t played Roxanne, Most Likely or Medusa. We explain how these games areBruno Rodrigues By Bruno Rodrigues 5 Minutes
Everyone who usually gets together with friends to drink must have played Sueca at some point in their life. Or Eu Never, Beer Pong, Bicho Bebe, any of these games that are true classics of Brazilian and world alcoholic sports.

But there are some games with drinking that you may not know, such as Medusa, for example. We present you with new drinking options for you to have fun, remembering that WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for your trip to the hospital to receive glucose.


On a circular table, place several shot glasses with the drink of the crowd’s preference. All players must have their foreheads against the table. From there, everyone counts to three, and when they get up, they must look directly at someone else.

If the person you’re looking at isn’t looking back at you, you’re safe. But if you’re looking at each other, yell “Medusa” and drink with her. No more shots – and, of course, get really drunk.

changing cups
Each participant will need two cups and a spoon. In one of the glasses, put the drink you are going to use for the game. Leave the other glass empty. You have 1 minute (or 30 seconds, to make the game more fun) to transfer the drink from the full glass to the empty one using the spoon. At the end of the count, what is left in the first glass is what you should drink.

coin game
For lack of a better name for the game, here goes. Spread some shot glasses on the table. Leave an empty glass on this table and take a coin. The objective is to throw the coin into the cup, but making it hit the table first and then fall into it – more or less like in Beer Pong.

Whoever manages to hit the coin inside chooses someone to drink the shot. If you hit three times in a row, you have the right to create a rule for your opponent(s), and that’s up to your imagination: throw with the changed hand, throw balanced on one leg, it’s only valid if it lands in the cup with the crown side, and so on.

Choose a drink to leave in the glass or separate shot glasses with drinks to pour and play A Barata, by Só Pra Contariar. Every time Alexandre Pires gets to the part where he asks what guy is going to do to kill the cockroach, ask a person in the circle (play the game clockwise, with the group in a circle). If the person stutters, doesn’t know what to do or repeats something they’ve already said, they drink.

More probable
Uncle Sam

You and your friends sit in a circle and one of you asks a question like, “Who is the most likely here to have poop in their pants at work?” or “Who is the most likely here to have dreamed that would you take Susana Vieira?”.

After the count of three, everyone points to the one they think is most likely to have done these things or been in these situations. You should drink for every person who pointed the finger at you. So if everyone thinks you’ve dreamed about Susaninha, you’ll drink for everyone who’s joking.

I go to the bar
See what to learn (or not) from the famous character of the series

This one is simple, the hard part is to decorate everything in the end. A person starts with the phrase “I’m going to the bar…” and chooses any drink, like beer. The next person must repeat the sentence with the other person’s drink and choose a different one. And so on, until you reach, for example, “I go to the bar and I want/need a beer, a mojito and a hot chocolate”. The sentence goes around the circle until someone makes a mistake or forgets the drinks. That person drinks.


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