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5 countries with the most beautiful people in Europe

Are you going to travel to Europe and want to see lots of beautiful people? Want to know where the most attractive people are to match on your Tinder? Then maybe this map will be useful for you. Users of Reddit, the most mimimiless social network that exists, voted and the result of this informal election became a map and ranking. There was no judging panel or any politically correct rule. Simply the personal taste of random people.

(Please note: these countries are part of the Schengen Area , where the length of stay is limited and travel insurance is mandatory)

The vote considered people in general: men and women. Which can lead to some surprises if you arrive at your destination. Portugal, for example, is known for having beautiful men and ugly women, while the Czech Republic is just the opposite, being a country of beautiful women and ugly men. Speaking in a totally generic way and based on small talk around the world.

Ranking of countries with the most beautiful people in Europe

Let the drums roll! To illustrate the list, I chose images of football players, fans, models, actors and even politicians from the selected countries. All to be very stereotyped and without any scientific value, like the vote itself. And don’t be surprised if you see someone ugly among so many beautiful people.

1. Sweden

(Unintentionally, we found the lookalike of Neil Patrick Harris, the “Barney Stinson”, infiltrated in the Swedish crowd)

2. France

Eiffel Tower ☑

Coco Chanel striped clothing ☑

Happiness Blase ☑

(Gérard Depardieu, that great example of French beauty)

3. Spain

(The most beautiful couple in Spain. Except for the presence of Javier Bardem, world famous ugly heartthrob)

(Piquet, better known as Shakira’s husband)

4. Norway

(Viking player from Norway rushing to sack England)

(More Vikings securing their place in Valhalla)

5. Italy

(Is there a wasp ride there?)

(The king of bunga bunga)

Now the whole map of beauty in Europe

I think it’s unfair because they are micro-countries with almost no one to defend them, but the fact is that Malta , San Marino and Luxembourg didn’t have any votes, therefore being considered the countries with the ugliest people in Europe. According to this map without criteria, of course.


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