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Top 10 video game villains

Despite still being a universe dominated by male characters, the participation of women in video games has increased considerably in recent years, mainly because of the success of virtual*muses such as Lara Croft , from the series “Tomb Raider” and Chun-Li , from the series “Street Fighter”.

They usually appear as heroines to save the day, but some stand out in the role of villains, giving protagonists and players headaches. Some are truly*evil, while others have been manipulated or, in the end, they end up having a crisis of conscience and go to the other side (but of course, only after they’ve done everything and create a lot of confusion) .

Thinking precisely about the Bad Girls of video games, we made a list of some of the villains that stood out in games, see if you know all of them or if you missed any. Have fun!

time bonus

Before the Top 10, a little bonus. With you Elexis Sinclair , straight from Sin Episodes. The game may not be a big deal, but at least its villain paid off! She starts spreading a *drug that alters human DNA on the streets, and starts a biochemical war with her army of genetic mutants. She’s pretty cool, right? And if you’re curious to know who the official*model of the game is, her name is Bianca Beauchamp, a 40-year-old Canadian*model.

Top 10

10 – Dark Queen

Name: Dark Queen

Game: “ Battletoads ”

Year: 1991

Producer: Rare

System: No

The mysterious villain Dark Queen, leader of the planet Ragnarok, first appeared in the mutant frog game “Battletoads”, and her ambitions include destroying the amphibious heroes Rash, Pimple and Zitz and taking over the universe with the help of her terrifying army. Years earlier she had been defeated by the Galactic Corporation in a great space battle, and then went into hiding in the far reaches of the universe. While on a mission to escort Princess Angelica to her planet, the Battletoads are attacked by the Dark Queen, who*kidnaps the princess and one of the heroes. Now it’s up to the two remaining frogs to save her mate and the princess of the planet Ragnarok. The game was released in the early 1990s for the 8-bit Nes and was noted for using the console’s capabilities very well and for its high degree of difficulty.

9 – Succubus

Name: succubus

Game: “ Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ” and “Castlevania: Lament of Innocence” (from image above)

Year: 1997

Producer: Konami

System: PlayStation

“Castlevania” is one of Konami’s most renowned series, and “Symphony” one of the best games of all time, in which the player takes command of Alucard, son ofDracula. The succubus, or succubus, is a femalelooking, very*sensual*demon that invades men’s dreams with the aim of stealing their vital energy. During his journey through the game, Alucard encounters a succubus who takes the form of his mother, who was a human named Lisa, and was burned on a cross by the people of the village where she lived. In her last moments of life, Lisa tells her son that he doesn’t hate humans, because they did that only out of fear. The succubus then recreates this moment, of Lisa tied to the cross, and tries to get Alucard to give up his mission and fight on the side of the humans. But the memory of his mother is stronger,

8 – Excella

Name: Excella Gione

Game: “ Resident Evil 5 ”

Year: 2009

Producer: Capcom

System: PC, PS3, X360

The young and beautiful Excella (and very reminiscent of the actress Eva Mendez) is a member of the wealthy and respected European Gionne family. With herbeauty and aristocratic upbringing, she is an arrogant woman to those around her, especially men. She became the director of Tricell Incorporated, a pharmaceutical conglomerate, as well as Umbrella Corporation. She formed a partnership with Albert Wesker, the show’s main villain, and shared with him a vision for the future of the world, in which she would be the queen and he would be its king, causing several problems for Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. But the partnership doesn’t go very far, until Excella discovers Wesker’s true intentions.

7 – Ultimecia

Name: Ultimecia

Game: “ Final Fantasy VIII ”

Year: 1999

Producer: Square

System: PlayStation

Ultimecia is the sorceress of the future and the great antagonist of the game “Final Fantasy VIII”, and her great desire is to “compress time” and become a deity in all eras, controlling time and space. Her evil plans were destroyed by Squall Leonhart, the title’s main character, and his group of friends. In the game, Ultimecia takes over the body of the sorceress Edea, who in the past was a sweet orphanage owner, and now wants to dominate the world. “Final Fantasy VIII” stood out for its CGI animations and use of characters with more realistic proportions, unlike previous games. Ultimecia also appears in “Dissidia: Final Fantasy” and “Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy”, the latter released on March 22, exclusively for PSP.

6 – Beauty and theBeast Unit

Game: “ Metal Gear Solid 4 ”

Year: 2008

Producer: Kojima Productions

System: PS3

One of the highlights of “Metal Gear Solid 4” is The Beauty and the Beast unit, made up of four beautiful women who transform into extremely*dangerous and hostile*beasts, who do everything to stop Solid Snake from advancing. The four members of TheBeauty and TheBeast Unit are all women who have suffered PTSD and, as a result, have become insane killing machines. Their inner appearances (the armor they wear) are referred to as their “beauty” sides , while their outer appearances refer to their “beast” , hence the unit’s name. All of them had their look inspired by real*models, which you can check out better in our special feature The*Sexy Women of MGS 4 .

5 – MB

Name: MB

Game: “ Metroid: Other M ”

Year: 2010

Producer: Project M

System: Wii

Nintendo’s traditional space franchise “Metroid” gained a new chapter in 2010 for the Wii, developed by a team made up of members from Nintendo and Team Ninja, best known for the “Ninja Gaiden” and “Dead or Alive” series. Once again heroine Samus Aran faces the threat of the Mother Brain creature, this time in the form of a delicate and fragile-looking (but don’t be fooled!) young woman named MB, created from the creature’s original DNA. Mother Brain’s first appearance was in the *debut game of the series, released in 1986, later appearing in other titles in the franchise, one of the most famous being the ” Super Metroid “, for the Super Nintendo.

4 – Harley Quinn

Name: Harley Quinn

Game: “Batman Arkham Asylum”

Year: 2009

Producer: Rocksteady Studios

System: PC, PS3 and X360

Beautiful and psychopath, Harley Quinn, or Harley Quinn as she is known here in Brazil, is the faithful squire in love with the villain Joker. In the game she wears a new uniform, which she insists on showing to the hero, based on a nurse’s uniform. Thanks to her, the Joker manages to take over the Arkham Asylum prison, and now it’s up to the Dark Knight to thwart the villain’s plans, who threatens to drop bombs on Gotham City if anyone tries to enter Arkham. The character first appeared in the animation “Batman: The Animated Series” and due to her great success, she soon won a version for comic books. Before partnering with the Joker, she worked as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where she met and fell in love with him. She is voiced by Aleen Sorkin, the same voice actress as the animated version, and has a guaranteed participation in “Batman:

3 – Joan

Name: Jeanne

Game: “ Bayonetta ”

Year: 2009

Producer: Platinum Games

System: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

The beautiful witch Jeanne is Bayonetta’s main rival, and both have the same combat techniques, spells and abilities. Bayonetta is on the side of the Umbra Witches group, while Jeanne seems to be on the side of the rival group, the Lumen Sages. Jeanne possesses an aggressive personality, and is always one step ahead of her rival, knowing more about Bayonetta’s past than she does herself, as she has no memory after being revived after 500 years. The two met when they were still children and used to play together. The game was originally released in 2009 and is the brainchild of Hideki Kamiya, director of other titles like “Devil May Cry”, “Okami” and “Viewtiful Joe”.

2 – GLaDOS

Name: GLaDOS

Game: “Portal”

Year: 2007

Producer: Valve

System: PC, X360, PS3

Okay, GLaDOS is an artificial intelligence that doesn’t have a female human form (which certainly doesn’t stimulate any kind of thinking – but according to the creators, if you have a good imagination, you can see in its tangle of wires and electronic parts the shape of a woman tied upside down), but her effeminate, monotone electronic voice steals the show from the entire game. Endowed with irreverent sarcasm and lying lip service, she quickly gained status and popularity in the gaming community with her logical and reflexive tests from the chambers of the Aperture Science lab. GLaDOS interacts with the game’s protagonist, Chell, giving instructions and clues to the objectives, but over time her speeches and actions suggest falsehood and instability. “Portal” has been hailed as one of the most original games of recent times, mixing the genre of first-person shooter and the solving of riddles and puzzles. Never has a “chandelier” hanging from the ceiling caused as many problems as GLaDOS.

1 – Sarah Kerrigan

Name: Sarah Kerrigan

Game: “StarCraft”

Year: 1998

Producer: Blizzard

System: PC

Sarah Louise Kerrigan, self-styled “Queen of Blades”, is the main antagonist of the space series “StarCraft”. She originally appeared in the first game as a 26-year-old girl with a potent psychic ability. She is eventually captured by the insectoid Zerg and becomes the first hybrid between the two races, and soon takes command of the Zerg community across the galaxy. After her transformation, Kerrigan became more aggressive, bloodthirsty, extremely intelligent, calculating and manipulative, undoubtedly one of the greatest villains in the gaming universe. The character is voiced in “StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty” by actress Tricia Helfer check out images of the girl by clicking here ), best known for working on the science fiction series “Battlestar Galactica”. See here beautiful images of the life-size statue of Sarah Kerrigan (believe me, it’s worth a look!) .

Bye-bye sweety – I’ll be there in your wildest dreams – Succubus


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