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Most amazing girls from playstation games

The gaming world has, since its beginnings, been aimed at a male audience, although this has changed in recent years. And the games brought to the world several muses : beautiful and amazing women who entered the imagination of gamers around the world as true  symbols , albeit 100% virtual. Whether it’s nudity, attitude or badass style , these are the top 10 Playstation gaming muses , according to Playstation Blast .

10. Afrodite (God of War)


God of War has a lot ofnakedwomen. It was to be expected that someone in this game would end up becoming one of these *muses, and that’s what happens to Aphrodite , the goddess ofloveandbeauty. In addition to the *beauty walking around with her *exposed, she stars during God of War III in a brief with her maids, to then offer Kratos (and the player) an opportunity. After a minigame, let’s say, *suggestive (pressing a sequence of buttons), Aphrodite releases a good amount of orbsred, much to thesatisfaction and *pleasure (yes, the *infamous first pun) of the player and Kratos. Due to her more neutral stance, she is possibly one of the few that the ghost of Sparta does not exterminate over the course of the series. Or maybe it’s simply because she’s a beautiful woman with a beautifulbody and has offered her services to him, who knows.

9. Elenco de Dead or Alive

For a game that prides itself on displayinghalf-naked women with their bouncing realistically with each stroke, it’s hard to pick just one. Be Kasumi , with her typical and quite revealingoutfit; Tina Armstrong , for those who like-bad-ass blondes; or even Ayane , with her purple hair. DeadOrAlive is so focused on exploiting its player’s ual interest (yourself, the *pervert reading this) that it created an Xbox exclusive game called DeadorAlive Xtreme Beach Volleyball , with the aim of*undressing girls and providing a more interesting move. Check out this video that illustrates the franchise’s ulterior motives very well:


Chun Li and her beautiful legs8. Chun Li (Street Fighter)

Street Fighter also likes to show beautiful women inlothes. The fight to be the representative was difficult, since the military Cammy also has famous legs, but for being one of the icons of the series, Chun Li wins. A lot of big guys out there say they choose Chun Li because she has good kick attacks, but that’s all a lie. They choose Chun Li to appreciate the Chinese woman’s . She brings something different too: she was one of the few female characters not to be a “damsel in distress”. Having said all that, Chun Li is not such aualized character, perhaps to give even more of that impression of ” I’m a girl who can turn around, don’t touch me “. And perhaps it is precisely this difficulty that attracts so many gamers.

7. Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)

You will excuse me. Kitana may besemi – naked, cover only, and be morefeminine, but Sonya Blade is the truefemale beauty in MortalKombat . Blonde, with that police/military air and with one of the most interesting stories in the entire series, she steals the show from these masked ninjas. Two words: leggrab (the leglock, one of her most… interesting moves). Need another argument?

Sonya Blade and her elasticity

6. Bayonetta

She has a game named after her, is a witch who shootsandkills angels and wears glasses. Is it a nerdy dream? No, she is Bayonetta . In addition to being a beautiful woman, the anti-heroine has an important element: attitude. She is clearly a badass . I’ll even illustrate the term badass so as not to create doubts.

That’s badass . Those characters who walk on fire, laugh in the face of danger, Chuck Norris, Batman. Bayonetta does all that and stillseduces the crowd with a huge slit in the back of her verytight outfit. THIS is a gamingmuse, gentlemen.

5. Madison Paige (Heavy Rain)

Muse even plays stripper for information

From the moment Madison Paige appears in Heavy Rain in just a white tank top and panties, you know she’s going to be the focus of the game’s elements. It is shortly after this that she takes a shower and the game offers a very explicit nude scene, confirming the suspicions. The cool thing about the character (besides the physical issues, of course) is that she knows how to take care of herself, defend herself from serial killers and perform incredible stunts with her motorcycle. She also knows how to pose as a stripper . Sure, you can make her a complete and*die, but let’s put that aside. Madison also stars in a scene (interactive, as usual from Quantic Dream) and, in short, is a typical gaming muse.

Ada Wong: oriental charm and ulterior motives4. Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

For starters, I’ll make it clear that Ada Wong is my favorite character in the Resident Evil series . I loved her voice actress in Resident Evil 2 , I loved the way she held her weapon, half on her side, and I would happily play the entire game in her role. Glad they satisfied my wishes and in Resident Evil 4 there is a game mode for that. Anyway, Ada is a spy, full of second and third intentions who falls in love with Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2, makes that old joke of ” oops, I didn’t die “, and comes back in Resident Evil 4 to continue helping (or not) the hero, but now in a much more outfit. Ada is another badass antihero, and although she plays the damsel in distress several times, she knows how to defend herself and has more mobility and agility than Leon himself.

Aya Brea proves it's possible to be even after a battle3. Aya Brea (Parasite Eve)

Parasite Eve is one of my favorite franchises from Square , in those heydays when they still made amazing and original games. The protagonist, Aya Brea, is a New York police officer who finds herself embroiled in a biological threat involving her own mitochondria. Okay, leaving the talk that she doesn’t care, Aya is a blonde, blue-eyed Japanese descendant, who is slowly discovering that she has powers and delighting us with her beauty. As the beginning of the game takes place in a theater during an opera, Aya is wearing a black dress with a beautiful (and long) slit. I imagine that any gamer over 19 years old who read game magazines in the 90s has seen the huge amount of images of Aya focusing on the character’s ity, and if you haven’t, a quick Google search is enough. In short: for having become an icon and being the main character of such a great game, Aya is in the top 3.

2. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

Let’s face it: Jill Valentine ‘s ity came out of nowhere. In Resident Evil , she had bad voice acting, weird clothes, and moved awkwardly. The character grew up when she was the protagonist of the great Resident Evil 3 , now with her outfit that has become iconic. The bare legs, with a mini skirt and the blue top are marked in the imagination of all gamers and defined Jill as a heroine (even though she is surrounded by zombies). Even being practically buried by a giant worm, she manages to be .

Cleverly, Capcom stuck with that idea, and the revamped Jill who appears in Resident Evil 5 is even more and , with a skin-tight outfit, a big cleavage (obscured by a certain electronic mind control device) and whiter hair and skin. .

The obvious first place: Lara Croft1. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

I know I know. You saw it from afar. But is there a way to put another character first? Lara Croft is not just a great heroine of one of the most influential action game franchises in history. She is an icon of beauty, ity and attitude that was born in the 90’s and lives on, even taking the form of Angelina Jolie in the movies. The character is clearly a gimmick, extremely ualized, with giant and inversely proportioned shorts.

In her latest appearances, the heroine has been less , and in the upcoming reboot of the series, that side of the hype will be left out. The new Lara Croft is beautiful, but now the goal is to make the player care about her, and not appreciate the sight when the character is crawling in a position, shall we say, suggestive.

Lara's new face: younger and more realistic

With a renewed image or not, she is marked in the history of video games as an example of a heroine, and for that reason she deserves this position.

honorable mentions

While I’ve cited some of them throughout the Top 10, they deserve something more specific. Kitana from Mortal Kombat brought a new level of ity to the game, practically wearing a bathing suit and fighting with sharp metal fans. Cammy , in Street Fighter , draws attention for her beautiful legs and blonde hair. Athena , from God of War , is not a ualized character, but could be on the list simply for the help she gives to the anti-hero Kratos. Miranda Lawson , from Mass Effect 2 , with her somewhat blasé way, is the bitch of the game and one of the possible romantic interests for a Commander Shepard. And finally,Claire Redfield , who has a childlike voice, a ponytail, and is another biker in Resident Evil .


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