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Weird Facts about the Vampire Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village

Since the promotion of Resident Evil Village began, the vampire character Lady Dimitrescu has been one of the most talked about and awaited in the game, which became available today (7) for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia.

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But before you start playing, check out our list of 7 disturbing facts about the villain who even won a cardboard totem in stores in China, in her life size. Learn all about this interesting character, which Ethan will need to face:

first vampire
In addition to her interesting appearance, Lady Dimitrescu is also the first female vampire villain in the history of the Resident Evil franchise to have eschewed classic monster canon until now. The franchise favored lab-grown zombies and monsters over creatures found in horror movies. Therefore, Lady represents an evolution for the game, but this is not the first time that Capcom considers experimenting outside the essence of the franchise. In Resident Evil 4, which was a big influence on the Village, she was going to feature a killerghost with a hook in her hand, only the idea was scrapped before it was released. A feather!

Much taller than a human
The villain was already known as ‘Tall Vampire Lady’ on social media before Capcom revealed her name. And it was no wonder, as the character is 9’6”, taller than the tallest human being in history. According to one of Miranda’s books, her size is a result of her high-performance regenerative power. Plus, not only does she tower over Ethan, but she also has long, sharp claws for fingers (great for impaling the game’s good guy!).

Villain’s Daughters
In addition to Lady Dimitrescu, she has three more bloodsucking sidekicks, which she calls her daughters. To represent Bela, Cassandra and Daniela, the vampire has three flowers on her dress, and each of the daughters has a flower on her forehead. In the trailers, it’s been proven that Ethan will need to get past Dimitrescu’s cruel daughters before he gets to the Lady, and it won’t be an easy fight.

bizarre inspiration
According to air director Tomonori Takano, Lady was inspired by the real-life serialkiller Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian noblewoman who allegedly tortured and murdered hundreds of women in the early 1600s. According to legend, Bathory bathed in the blood of her children. victims because he believes it would rejuvenate him.

Another inspiration was the Japanese urban internet legend Hashaku-sama, an eight-foot-tall evil spirit with a wide-brimmed hat that attracted young male victims, mimicking the voices of their loved ones. In any case, Dimitrescu’s victims are men who passed through her castle, and there she drained all the blood and devoured it, because of the need for meat. The remains of the bodies decorate the outside of her castle, “with blood drained, looking like skinny scarecrows”, according to Sato. freaked out?

Dimitrescu’s long history
The vampire’s name can be traced back to Eastern Europe, especially Romania, where Transylvania is located. Romania also became the home of Vlad the Impaler and brutal warlord who inspired Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. This name, Dimitrescu, may be derived from Demeter, the Greek goddess of harvest and fertility. This makes perfect sense, as the Lady rules over and terrorizes a village of farmers. Another curiosity is that in Bram’s novel, Dracula travels to England on a ship called THE DEMETER.

While Lady marks her first time in the franchise, this role of Dimitrescu as a bloodthirsty vampire from a giant castle is rooted in a classic video game trope: Castlevania. After all, the concept of a vampiric final boss was popularized by the series, which is largely set in Dracula’s monster-filled castle.

However, Dimitrescu’s house is unique because it is inhabited only by women, who were all slaves of Lady, the Moroaica. “With Lady Dimitrescu as the cult guru, we created this hierarchy of women,” Resident Evil Village director Morimasa Sato told ING. “Men are drained of blood by these women, so you could say it’s the opposite of Dracula,” she said still.

Maggie Robertson and Helena Mankowska brought Lady Dimitrescu to life
A theater actress from the Washington DC area, Maggie Robertson, who has also appeared in a few film projects, is the voice of Lady Dimitrescu. And Polish actress Helena Mankowska provided her image for the character, transforming her overnight into one of the most popular faces in survival horror. Want more bizarre? The actress was the stunt double for Milla Jovovich (Alice in the Resident Ev movies).il) in the movie Paradise Hills.

Golden eyes, black hair, snow-colored skin, red lipstick, and a broad bust that befits her tall stature in a white dress that slides across the castle floor that shades the village. Lady Dimitrescu, considered one of the most iconic villains of the Resident Evil franchise by MeuPlaystation even before the launch of the new game, presents an identity marked by references and a breathtaking development.

High in the mountains of the time-forsaken village, a medieval fortress houses Alcina Dimitrescu, her last heir, and the three insectoid creatures she considers her daughters: Bela, Daniela and Cassandra. Not only her blood flows inside her veins, and through the bowels of the castle flow fragments of what were once innocent virgin girls.

During the 1950s, a mysterious woman named Mother Miranda, adored by the villagers, was looking for a vessel to bring her daughter back to life. Alcina then offered to be one of the hosts of Cadou, a parasite that promises to absorb consciousness and increase the infected person’s regenerative capacity. However, despite narrowly reaching perfection, the test was not completely successful. The parasite has granted Dimitrescu a strength transcending that of a human, as well as retractable claws that extend through all of his fingers. When her strength is threatened, the mutation emerges from her bowels and materializes as a full-scale vampire dragon.



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