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Valentino Rossi likes gathering bikes, particularly ones that have a touch of history – however Honda won’t allow him to have one…

Valentino Rossi NSR500

That 2001 NSR500 holds a dear spot in Rossi’s heart, he started off his second season with Honda in the top level of hustling (then, at that point, the 500cc class) with a title win. There’s none other like it, and it’s straightforwardly a cash can’t-purchase machine.

Broadly completing a set of three of wins with Honda, he then, at that point, did a brassy change to rivals Yamaha in 2004… which, to some extent, is one reason Honda is by all accounts clutching this NSR500.

Valentino Rossi – ‘that 500 is my 500’

MotoGP 500cc Spanish GP 2001 Valentino Rossi

Rossi even had a spot warmed and prepared for its appearance, as he was under the supposition it would join his different machines in his ‘secret archive‘ – however it won’t ever show up!

Addressing Autosport, Rossi said:

“I talk with Alberto and I requested – least – the 500, likewise on the grounds that that 500 is my 500,”

“It’s the bicycle that Honda should provide for me, and I was prepared to take, I had currently the spot at home [for it]… however for reasons unknown, the bicycle won’t ever show up. I’m glad assuming Honda change the thought and gave me that one.

Valentino Rossi title

“Without a doubt, the bicycle will remain well, at a decent temperature, and have a decent spot at my home.”

Regardless of being (apparently) one of the most well known MotoGP riders ever, a portion of his naysayers might be important for the Big Red Wing, especially after his supposed kick-out at Marquez on target in 2015.

Honda group manager Alberto Puig had this to say with respect to the NSR500:

Alberto Puig and Valentino Rossi

“Indeed, it’s an interesting story… so I can’t reply, however this bicycle is likewise vital for us since we have it in an exhibition hall. Honda is extremely glad for the titles that we got, and furthermore with the titles that Valentino got for us together… thus, I’m certain we need to have this as a vital prize in our home to show to our fans that we were fit for winning that title with that bicycle.”

So the bicycle is probably going to stay with Honda, and given the set of experiences between the two, it’s impossible the 2001 title-winning machine will switch devotions presently.

Rossi Honda 2001

More statements on Autosport.
Source: superbikeplanetwebbikeworld

Valentino Rossi impacted the world forever in 2004, winning the title for Yamaha, a bicycle which before Rossi rode it had only two MotoGP wins since the class moved from the 500cc machines. Yamaha had not won a title since Wayne Rainey in 1992.

In Rossi’s initial four seasons in MotoGP, he won three big showdowns with Honda, one with the 500cc machine and two with the Honda RC211V, he overwhelmed with Honda dominating 33 races in 48 beginnings with a success record of more than half! Rossi was plainly settled as Honda’s main man, but Honda didn’t appear to show this effortlessness to him. Honda infuriated Rossi with a choice to supply comparative apparatus to each of the six RC211V riders in the 2004 season, it was viewed as an endeavor to sabotage Rossi’s main status.

Rossi declined an agreement with Honda at the 2003 Pacific GP, saying, “The agreement I was presented by Honda at Motegi, couldn’t acknowledge and I didn’t sign it, I don’t have the foggiest idea what individuals are talking about in light of the fact that I don’t peruse the papers, however I can let you know that I have not finished paperwork for anyone, that is without a doubt.” It might be valid that he hadn’t finished paperwork for anybody by then, yet we currently realize he was profound into conversations with Yamaha who might permit him more opportunity.

Honda and Rossi had an agreement debate originating from worries over Honda’s disposition. Their emphasis on business command over the Rossi brand demolished connections between the pair, something which we have seen Yamaha permit to develop into the colossal ‘VR46’ brand we see today from product to Dainese coats to full copy uniforms, Yamaha exploited the brand which Honda attempted to take.

In the opening round of the 2004 season at the Phakisa Freeway in South Africa, Valentino Rossi would accomplish something no other rider has accomplished, he turned into the main rider in MotoGP history to win the last round of the past season on a maker (Honda, Valencia 2003) and afterward win in their presentation with another producer, a heavenly accomplishment, on the cool-down lap you could see the amount it intended to Rossi who halted along the edge of the track and overflowed with emotion.

Rossi would proceed to win an aggregate of 4 titles for Yamaha including 2004, his first year with the producer and has dominated 56 races for them up until this point taking this 2004 action truly outstanding of his profession, solidifying himself as a Yamaha legend, he turned a motorbike which was amazingly sluggish and interesting to ride round to a numerous title victor, the Yamaha saw Jorge Lorenzo win three MotoGP titles and has dominated races with various riders.


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