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Flat-Earthers charter a cruise to see the “edge” of the Earth

Well, as absurd as it sounds, there are a lot of people who really believe that the Earth is flat – if you believe that, don’t get mad at me, there’s a lot more evidence that we’re on a globe than on a disk that obeys the laws of Physics similar to the game Pac-Man . Anyway, people say they will take the test: flat-Earthers will embark on a cruise, scheduled for 2020, in order to check the “edge” of the planet.

All existing nautical charts are designed with the mindset that the planet is spherical

The tour is organized by the Flat Earth International Conference , with the illustrious presence of celebrities such as rapper BoB and party rice model Tila Tequila, with fancy restaurants, swimming pools with artificial waves and all those basic travel perks. on vacation. But there’s a problem: how is the vessel going to celebrate all the glory of the LP format when the navigation system was based on a sphere?

“Ships sail on the principle that the Earth is round. Nautical tables are designed with that in mind: that the Earth is spherical,” says Henk Keijer, a former cruise ship captain who sailed around the world for 23 years. , in an interview with The Guardian.

flat earth
The announcement of the “enlightening” trip. Source: Flat Earth International Conference

Keijer, who now works as a marine forensic expert at Robson Forensic, said the existence of GPS is proof that the Earth is an orb — not a flat disk. The global positioning system relies on 24 main satellites around the planet to provide information for location and navigation.

“The reason 24 satellites were used is because of the curvature of the Earth. A minimum of three satellites is needed to determine a position. But someone located on the other side of the planet might also want to know their position, so a certain number of satellites. If it were flat, a total of three satellites would have been enough to provide this information. But it is not, because the Earth is round.”

Flat Earth International Conference does not comment on the tour
Asked by The Guardian for more details about the cruise, the organizers of the International Flat Earth Conference declined to comment. According to the event, after “extensive experimentation, analysis and research”, its adherents came to the conclusion that the Earth is not a sphere. A recurring theory is that the Earth is a large disk, surrounded by “a barrier wall of ice” in Antarctica.

The Flat Earth Society suggests that “the world’s space agencies have conspired to fake space travel and exploration.” “This probably started during the Cold War. The Soviet Union and the United States were obsessed with confronting each other in space and went so far as to falsify their achievements in an attempt to surpass each other’s supposed achievements.”

It’s just hard to find a crew there that doesn’t believe that the Earth is a sphere and manages to work properly to bring the general to this edge. “I’ve sailed 2 million miles (equivalent to over 3.2 million kilometers), give or take. I haven’t found a single sea captain who believes the Earth is flat,” says Keijer.



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