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Beautiful women: countries with the most beautiful women in the world

One of the most common phrases is the one that says: “the beauty of a person is inside”. This maxim is certainly true. It turns out that physical beauty also has its strength and is a sight for sore eyes. When we’re talking about beautiful women then, that’s when the heart beats faster.

You’ve probably heard that Brazil is one of the countries in the world with the most beautiful girls.


Two other countries that also featured their female and male beauties in this selection were Sweden and Angola.

Check out the two U. City Guides lists below and let us know if you agree with this selection. I think it’s going to be controversial!

Is the statement correct? One thing is for sure, there are several countries around the globe that boast stunning figures. World Secrets listed the countries with the most beautiful women.

Countries with the most beautiful women in the world
1 – Russia
Certainly, Russians are a treat for the eyes. They are usually taller, with well-defined cheekbones, blond hair and blue eyes. In addition they are well educated, with a haughty posture and very strong. Its beauty is a true mixture of the West and the East.

2 – Brazil
Brazil is a mixed-race country and consequently has a variety of types of women, Above all, whether blonde, black or brunette, they are all very beautiful. In addition, they possess a sensuality unmatched in the rest of the world.

3 – Venezuela
Certainly Venezuela is full of beautiful women. In addition, Venezuelan women have the most crowns in international beauty pageants. Their tall and slim bodies always stand out in any event.

4 – Sweden
In Sweden women are photogenic and their beauty is out of this world. They are tall, thin and blonde. They have blue eyes, smooth skin, thin noses and square jaw lines. In addition, they are highly intelligent and independent.

5 – Italy
Italian women are the perfect definition of classic beauty. With their brown eyes, they enchant. Above all they are very elegant, it doesn’t matter if they are brunettes or blondes. They care a lot about clothes and style and are always in good posture.

Other countries full of beauties
6 – United States and Canada
First, American women are fun and independent. These women know how to take care of their appearance because of advances in science and technology. Due to the multiculturalism in Canada, a beautiful mixture of genes has been germinated. Canadian women are well educated, athletic and fun.

7 – Philippines
In short, every year, Philippine women are strong competitors in beauty pageants. In addition to being beautiful, they are well known for their sweetness, care, and family-oriented values.

8 – Great Britain
British women are a mixture of different cultures, therefore very beautiful. They are polite, well behaved and have a good sense of fashion.

9 – Ukraine
Ukraine and Russia are practically the same, but women in Ukraine are more beautiful than women in Russia. They always take care of themselves, and have unparalleled strength.

10 – Holland
With an average height of 1.70m, Dutch women certainly deserve to be on the list of countries with the most beautiful women in the world.

In fact, beautiful women and men are an excellent reason to travel when choosing, in this particular case, a destination to hold a party or a bachelor party, and there the beauty of the opposite is one of the criteria to consider. Even because, to enjoy it is still free!

for some, seeing beautiful people is among them. Now, far from wanting to objectify people and treat them as if they were a tourist attraction. None of that! But you’ll agree: who doesn’t like eye candy, right?

With that in mind, the North American website U. City Guides, specialized in providing tourist information to travelers from all over the world, created a list of the 10 countries with the most beautiful women and men in the world. I found the idea very interesting and share it with you today.

Ranking that we Brazilians are proud of: Brazil leads the list of countries with the most beautiful women in the world, ranking second when it comes to men.


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