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20 Secrets About Twitch Girls… Revealed

There’s a big reason streaming sites are popular — and not just because streamers are playing video games; many of them are also attractive women.

Twitch makes it easy for streamers to connect with viewers, making it the go  -to destination for viewers to watch girls play games, work out or just chat. With viewers able to send in donations and sponsorships, some streamers are able to earn enough money to do this full-time.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows being a Twitch girl, as being an attractive woman online can attract all sorts of unwanted reactions. Let’s examine some hidden details of the Twitch girls, some of which they prefer to keep in the DLlter.

20 Viewers Try to Contact Outside of Twitch



Twitch acts as a protective middle ground for connecting streamers and viewers. There are viewers, however, who try to cross the line and have a relationship with the Twitch girls beyond the stream.

They will go so far as to ask for your number or other means of contact outside the platform.

19 They Fake Their Guidance To Get More Views

The Twitch girls revealed some of their secrets through the Whisper app. One of them even admitted to pretending that she is a *lesbian so that more viewers will feel comfortable.

It seems, based on this confession, that there are male viewers who would prefer their favorite female Twitch streamers to be on girls.

18 Some Make Six Figures A Year

While many know that Twitch girls can earn enough money to pay the bills, they may not realize how far this can go. According to The Guardian , there are girls who earn six figures a year thanks to Twitch.

It’s surprising considering many of them claim to live unique and simple lives.

17 They Get Paid To Do Weird Things

Twitch streamers earn money through donations, which often come in the form of orders. They might be asked to do something in the video game, or in some cases, something weird.

According to Twitch streamer Loserfruit in a report by The Guardian , some users are asked to take pictures of their feet or send theirunderwear to viewers.

16 Your Looks Matter Than Your Gamer Skills

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
While most Twitch girls stream because it’s fun, many do it for the money or the potential to make a career out of it. If they want to go far as a streamer, they also need to look good.

According to a Twitch girl named Chelsea, according to The Guardian , a female streamer’s success depends on her looks more than her gameplay.



15 They Hide Their Boyfriends

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
Some Twitch girls do better if they look single and are still in business. Just because they say they’re single, however, doesn’t necessarily mean they are.

According to Reddit user AnonymousTwitchBF, he dated a Twitch girl who kept their relationshipa secret. He still had to be quiet whenever she broadcast.

14 They Receive Threats

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
Not everyone who tunes in to a girl’s Twitch stream is a fan. Twitch girls have become the butt of jokes or harassment, which often makes their job more difficult.

The Guardian  reports that women have already received threats, which can stem from movements like Gamergate, which isn’t very accepting of female gamers.

13 They Keep Streaming Secret From Friends, Family, and Partners

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
Some girls proudly announce that they are on Twitch to friends and family in real life. Others, however, are not so quick to make it known, as they are afraid of being judged.

A Twitch girl said on the Whisper app that her boyfriend would call things off if he found out she streamed on Twitch.

12 They’re Affected By Complete Strangers

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
There are desperate guys everywhere, many of whom follow the Twitch Girls religiously. Twitch girls can drive guys crazy and this leads many of them to openly profess their love to their favorite streamers.

Most of what they say seems harmless, but it can flatter Twitch girls or make them very uncomfortable.

11 Their Relationship Status Is A Double Edged Sword

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
Twitch girls face a dilemma when it comes to revealing their relationship status. If they claim they are single, they tend to get more viewers, as a user named Cahlaflour noted to The Verge .

On the other hand, this can also attract freaks and other undesirable activities. There is no such thing as a perfect path when it comes to a Twitch girl’s relationship status.

10 They’re Targets of Hackers

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
In 2014, there was a massive iCloud leak that exposed the photos of female celebrities. This event not only proved that the data of major female figures was in high demand, but that hackers are capable of breaking digital security to get to them.

Twitch girls have the same legitimate fears and concerns, with some streamers getting hacked while streaming.

9 They Can’t Be Too Steamy Or Twitch Will Ban Them

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
Twitch has a strict policy on what streamers can and cannot do. Twitch girls know that if they do provocativethings, it can increase their viewers.

While not everyone chooses to dance or show their skin, some did and were banned for it, which forces many of them to think twice about what they do.

8 They Don’t Like Being Called Camera Girls

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
Some Twitch girls focus less on running speed and more on other things like chatting with their followers. This has led to many streamers being nicknamed cam girls, though they don’t make inappropriate requests.

Twitch user SeriesofBlurs told The Guardian that there’s  nothing wrong with cam girls, but she doesn’t like it when others call her that.

7 Rumors Spread About Them

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
Many of the most popular girls on Twitch have to deal with rumors spread about them. According to Polygon , rumors circulated about Amouranth claiming that she was not telling the truth about being single as a means of getting more money from viewers.

Twitch girls are suspicious of what viewers might say about them and understand that what they say influences the audience.

6 They Said Games Aren’t For Girls

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
While more girls are starting to play it, many have the feeling that it is primarily aimed at boys. In large part this has to do with the way they used to market games.

Regarding gaming in the 1980s, a Polygon  writer told The Guardian : “Video games were heavily marketed as men’s products and the message was clear: girls forbidden.”

5 Guys Expect Twitch Girls To Look A Certain And Act A Certain Way

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
It’s not enough for Twitch girls to play, they also need to look proper. Whether it’s showing a proper affinity for gaming through cosplaying or looking attractive or saying the right things, viewers have expectations about how Twitch girls should look and behave.

This puts pressure on Twitch girls to live up to the expectations of their viewers.

4 There are fewer older women broadcasting

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
Many Twitch girls accept the fact that they may not be wasting years. A Twitch streamer, who goes by the name Chelsea, shared with The Guardian  that there are fewer older women on the platform.

“I’ve seen some Sim City and Civilization games, and I’ve seen older women there, but it’s very rare,” she said.

3 They have to protect their privacy

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
Anyone using the Internet must protect their personal information. It’s a little harder for a Twitch girl to do, however, because they have a public platform to manage.

The Guardian  reports that they need to keep some of their details a secret, such as last names, where they live and their age, or else their privacy will be at risk.

2 They Get Backlash For Not Wearing Makeup

20 Secrets About Twitch Girls... Revealed
A Twitch user, who goes by the name Pokimane, showed viewers what it’s like to prepare for the day. When people saw her without makeup, they didn’t hesitate to say some derogatory things to her, reports Tube Filter .

Just for going au naturel, one Twitch girl received a lot of criticism.

1 Their boyfriends do “things” with them, out of sight of onlookers

While Twitch girls can’t get too sassy during broadcasts, that doesn’t mean they can’t be in more subtle ways. A Twitch girl confessed on the Whisper app that her boyfriend did “things” with her off-camera during broadcasts.

While it might not be most Twitch girls doing this, it’s certainly audacious.

Sources: The Guardian, Reddit, The Verge, Polygon, Tube Fi


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